Chesterfield Jiu Jitsu Christopher highest ranked Valente brothers student in UK

Chesterfield’s Christopher highest ranked Valente Brothers Jiu jitsu in UK


In December 2017, Christopher Charalambous from Chesterfield, received the rank of brown belt under the Valente Brothers Jujutsu (jiu jitsu) system.

Christopher Charalambous attended the winter belt ceremony over in Miami, Florida at Valente Brothers Headquarters.

Also attending this ceremony were the likes of Royce Gracie, Angela Gracie, Crosley Gracie & Alistair Overeem.

Being apart of this wonderful Jiu jitsu for the last 9 years has been a educational experience for Christopher Charalambous, & he has many stories to tell.

The Town of Chesterfield in the United Kingdom, is lucky to have such a high ranked Instructor that you can follow his lineage back to Grand Master Helio Gracie.

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